Without further ado, here is a list of the things we’ve discovered from White House leaks involving President Donald Trump.

  1. President Donald Trump has a fragile ego. He just recently hired Andy Hemming as White House Director of Rapid Response to the tune of $89,000 per year to find positive stories about Mr. Trump and deliver them to the president’s desk. That’s one expensive ego boost.
  2. Not only does the president require bullet points for briefings, but we recently learn that he needs Tweet-sized messages in order to maintain focus. I have Attention Deficit Disorder myself, so I’m not criticizing the man. But dammit, Donald, get some treatment. You’ve got your finger on the nuke button. I wouldn’t even ATTEMPT to do a serious job like that without my medication. A real man recognizes his shortcomings and adjusts to them.

3. Trump watches a lot of news television, particularly Fox News – then tweets about it: usually that he doesn’t watch cable news.

4. He has set up prayer meetings which he does NOT attend. Sounds like America elected Archie Bunker. Go on, Edith. Represent the family and forget what the Reverend Fletcher or Feltcher says.

5. He says one thing in private, one thing in public. Thanks, The Guardian.

6. He’s a bit of a jerk to world leaders. He’s big on loyalty towards himself, but he never gives respect in return.

7. He’s a handful for White House staffers. That Twitter machine is going to get him into more trouble than it already has.

8. He has no respect for anyone but himself. He needs to be worshiped.