Another day, another mainstream media outlet assuring the public of Syrian leader Bashir Al-Assad’s guilt in gassing his own people in a war he is winning decisively without providing a shred of evidence. And the Drums of War play on.

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Meanwhile, according to The Guardian, beheadings for non-lethal offences in US’s inexplicable ally Saudi Arabia have reached their highest level in 2 decades.  And the Drums of War play on.

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The call to arms is almost deafening at CNN, NBC, MSNBC and Fox News. And if history teaches us anything, that’s the idea.

Comedian Jimmy Dore, today’s answer to George Carlin, has been dissecting media manipulation for months now, and his YouTube coverage of Syrian War propaganda as well as other serious issues facing America and the world has led to demonetization and a place on that renowned website’s “blacklist.”

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And the Drums of War play on.