Statement regarding Jerusalem being recognized as Israeli capital by President Donald Trump can be viewed above.

In a decision that will no doubt result in jubilation from some and disgust and anger from others, President Trump recognized Jerusalem, seen as a Holy City by Christians, Jews and Muslims as the official capital of the Jewish State of Israel.

Palestinians, as can be well imagined, are none-to-happy with this pronouncement from the American president. Jordan was quick to voice its disapproval.

Other Middle Eastern leaders have not greeted this unilateral move with open arms, either. An emergency meeting was called by the United Nations Secretary General to discuss the matter.

General international consensus of the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel has not been positive.

Palestinians have long claimed East Jerusalem as their future state capital.

Saudi King Salman, a longtime US ally, responded to Trump by telephone:

(This) would constitute a flagrant provocation of Muslims, all over the world.

Translation: Remember the Crusades? Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it, this time with much deadlier weapons.

This comes on the heels of Vladimir Putin of Russia reiterating his support for further negotiations. Good luck with that now.

Fear that this will spark further unrest in the Middle East due to understandable anger and unrest among the Islamic community is at this time widespread. Palestinians have called for “days of rage” in response, according to Al Jazeera. Even Christians in Palestine-controlled areas have burned Trump in effigy.

Domestically, the reaction has been mixed among US Christian organizations. As expected, the Pope and many American Catholics were decidedly displeased, while the president’s ever-reliable Religious Right applauded Trump’s “courage.”

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Yesterday Jewish Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders voiced his concern with the decision, while overall consensus from US Congress has been decidedly mixed.

To coincide with Trump’s announcement, the US Embassy in Israel will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

More to come.