Chances are, when the American people elected Republicans to Congress and Donald J. Trump to the presidency, they didn’t expect that hundreds of thousands would be projected to die because of lack of healthcare. But to quote Hosea:

My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.

And if we thought America’s education system was flawed before Trump took office, wait until they get a load of Betsy DeVos.

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Nobody does their homework on election day.

It’s all a matter of emotion. People will listen to anyone, it seems, who stands up to the mic and promises to help the downtrodden, even and especially if specifics are unclear and barren.

Barack Obama’s ties to Wall Street be damned. He promised “hope and change” and came in a charismatic package. Where’s my “Obama Money”? And Trump University? Forget about that. A billionaire is promising to help us? Wait – did he just say we’re all “overpaid”? Oh right – it’s the Mexicans’ and Muslims’ fault. He doesn’t mean us, anyway, does he? He means “the other.”

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This sort of politicking would never fly in Canada – or any other civilized, Western nation. I don’t think anyone would buy it in a theocracy, which America is rushing headlong, full-speed toward like the Titanic.

And yes, I do know people whose lives are at stake because of the “American Health Care Act” or TrumpCare. Their lives have value. I can’t pay for their medical bills, so this is all I can do to try to save their lives. At the risk of sounding Howard Beale-esque, I make no apology for being a human being. In my country, nobody dies because they lack essential, free access to healthcare. Nobody should. TrumpCare is a crime against humanity and MUST BE STOPPED. Where are you, Right to Lifers?

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

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