As the old saying goes: “‘I don’t make ’em. I just deliver ’em’ – as the midwife said to the bishop.

It’s easy to blame President Donald Trump for absolutely everything negative going on in America at the moment. And while he has his part to play in the mess that is the United States and its corrupt, corporate-controlled government, he is the midwife, not the creator – or the bishop.

Donald Trump didn’t create the KKK or any of the other tiki-torch-bearing neanderthals we saw at Charlottesville.

He just gave them a delivery system. Rockets and bombs cause minimal damage without a launching pad or an airplane.

For many years, such racist and vile groups remained dormant, suppressed by, ironically, political correctness and general societal progression leading to their condemnation. Rather than changing people’s hearts and minds, we just shut them up. But like any dormant virus or cancer, whether in the body or in society, it never stays dormant for long.

Enter Donald J. Trump, who wisely (at least from a political standpoint) tapped into that anger, resentment and frustration of the ignorant and used it to propel himself into the White House for his own narcissistic gain.

Trump isn’t dangerous because he’s anti-establishment or a corporate lackey. He is dangerous because he doesn’t care about anything or anyone else but himself and his own power. He lacks any kind of coherent and consistent ideology. One minute he’s for a non-negotiable border wall. Then suddenly, flanked by other politicians, he’s for “saving the DACA kids.” Now, he has backtracked again on those seemingly reasonable comments.

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He is the midwife because he simply delivers a message like every other politician while feigning that he ever had an original idea in his, like, totally “genius” head.

Certainly, he takes narcissism to an entirely different level, but his inability to stay on message is what is truly terrifying. At least other politicians were predictable and consistent in their stoogery. Trump is all over the place, and his actions rarely seem thought out or planned in any way.

If a past president wanted to start an unjust and illegal war, they said they would do it and they would do it. In the case of Trump, maybe he blows up the world in a nuclear holocaust and maybe he doesn’t. I don’t think he even knows what the “plan” is, if there even is one. His own generals, who one would generally assume would be massively pro-war are trying to contain him.

A contained war for oil overseas is profitable for global corporate interests and the military industrial complex, whatever the “minor” consequences may be. A nuclear catastrophe is good for no one and especially bad for business. Generally speaking, Trump’s presidency is Reaganism and Bushism 2.0 on steroids. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But the only time he’s really bucked the system is to put the planet into extreme peril.

Trump’s tax cuts have provided success for Wall Street and corporations beyond their wildest dreams, while ultimately destroying the middle class he swore to protect in the long term. But his extreme ignorance and narcissism could be the death of us all in the process. Even Exxon Mobil’s Rex Tillerson wants to get the hell out of there. This wasn’t what he signed up for.

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The difference between Trump on taxes and other presidents is that while in the past, the goal would be to enrich already wealthy donors who buy politicians, today it’s about Trump’s narcissistic belief that somehow the rich are better than everyone else. Most politicians act as though their constituents are stupid. Trump has based his entire presidency on it. He took a large group of disaffected, largely ignorant and hateful people and turned them into avid, brainwashed supporters who are unlikely to leave him by tapping into their fears and prejudices like few other politicians have in the past. That’s why he’s so polarizing.

But Trump didn’t create those prejudices. He’s just America’s lead midwife. They were always there just below the surface.
Republicans have long desired a return to the social construct of the 1950s, “when girls were girls and men were men.” Be careful what you wish for.

The elites of this world wanted a man not unlike Benito Mussolini. What they’re getting could be something else entirely. By this I mean a delivery system that largely benefits them; but which they are hopelessly incapable of controlling on so many other key issues.

And what has been created here could turn out to be the midwife wielding more power than the bishop, which could have detrimental effects for both the bishop and the mother in question (America). Who knows what you’re giving birth to? Now all that could be left is a kind of divine intervention to save humanity. This from the plight of a narcissistic madman who only cares about his own fame and social importance.

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Somebody called the midwife and it’s getting pretty ugly.