This is how fascism starts.

ICE. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In the 1930s in Germany, they had another name for it: Schutzstaffel or Protection Squadron. “They’re criminals; they’re rapists.” Sound familiar? Pull out your old Social Studies 10 or History 12 textbook – if you still have it.

To compare any world leader with someone who sent an entire race of people into gas chambers and their certain death would be ignorant and idiotic.

But this is how fascism starts. Isolate a real, tangible problem in society and find otherwise innocent people to blame for it. We have seen this play out time and time again.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The white supremacist and racist rhetoric of this administration and many who support it are eerily similar to the 1930s in Germany.

That doesn’t make all Trump supporters evil anti-Semites. Many voted for the current United States Government because it promised unequivocally yet dubiously to bring back well-paying jobs that had been outsourced by previous corrupt politicians.

That argument would suffice. It’s also entirely accurate. That is the problem with totalitarianism. It feeds on a little bit of truth, and once a politician buys your truth and your hope, they own you.

Some, like Nelson Mandela and JFK and others, used this trust largely for the good of their people. Or at least strived for it. Others have used that trust largely for their own ends – for power, mostly.

The SS striped otherwise innocent people from the homes they lived in their entire lives and sent them to horrible places they had never been before – places that would lead to their certain demise.

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This is how fascism starts.

ICE soullessly strips people from the only home they know – America – where they live, work, pay taxes and provide for their families, and means to send them “back” to a place they don’t know, where armed drug lords largely funded by US intelligence could ensure their certain demise.

This is how fascism starts.

This includes men and women who have fought bravely on behalf of a government that now seeks to ship them abroad because they committed a crime far less heinous than the one committed by Christopher Columbus when he arrived in Islands off what was to be called North America.

History is written by the victors, whether they be noble or evil. Chances are, if you’re a historical source, you or those who represent you probably murdered a lot of other people to give you your writing “legitimacy.”

That’s why you never read about the horrors and atrocities committed by Columbus, yet we are well aware of how evil and psychopathic Adolf Hitler was.

If we want to avoid another Kristallnacht, abolishing the government leech known as ICE should be a top priority.

This is how fascism starts.

Concentration camps have been a distinct part of American history. Just ask the survivors of the Japanese Interment Camps of the 1930s and 40s. Or check your history on what former President Andrew Jackson did to First Nations people, who had already suffered greatly even prior to his leadership.

To make matters worse, current US President Donald J. Trump has openly praised the presidency of Mr. Jackson – and not because of his stance on banking, either.

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Or there’s the brutality towards law-abiding Latinos in Arizona under Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who brazenly and proudly called the tents he set up for said people “concentration camps.”

This is how fascism starts.

This is not necessarily about one person or leader. It is about a system that condones the vile mistreatment of human beings; based not on the content of their character, but entirely on the colour of their skin.

Donald Trump is no Hitler. Hitler’s book Mein Kampf demonstrated a clear ideology. Certainly, there are parallels. Mistreatment and scapegoating of minorities, for example. But while the guy with the funny moustache had a clear agenda, Trump’s only agenda is Donald Trump.

The Roman Emperor Nero wasn’t a psychopath. He didn’t need to kill anyone. He was just indifferent. They stood in his way of creating a “new Rome.” Their lives didn’t matter.

All 3 men undoubtedly had a superiority complex that was arguably based on, among other things, race. But not all of them cared enough – as horrendous as that sounds – to initiate full mass genocide.

With Hitler, it was about an evil ideology. With Trump, it’s about power and control. He sees his grip over America slipping, and he sees his only recourse as being to placate to his most ardent supporters. They want blood and ethnic cleansing. Whether Trump wants that himself is doubtful, but he needs the support of some pretty awful people to shore up support – but not just support – adoration. He needs to feel special.

But this is how fascism starts.