Old enough to know better, young enough to do it again.

In a transcript of a phone call between US President Donald J. Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto back on Thursday, on the issue of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, Trump dissed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada, stating:

Well, Canada is no problem — do not worry about Canada, do not even think about them.

This is nothing new for Canadians.

We don’t expect Americans to think of us very often, but when it comes to their number one trading partner and a leader who, love him or hate him, has the pedigree to stand up to American “superiority,” the US president may be staring down another Vicente Fox Moment on steroids.

For a refresher, when Trump insisted that Mexico would pay for the border wall between Mexico and the USA, former President Fox famous said, “I’m not paying for that fucking wall” (video below).

For anyone unfamiliar with the political style (known as “strength” to his supporters) of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre, a former prime minister himself, check out the video below.

And for extra fun, I’ll give you another classic Pierre Trudeau clip. Like father, like son. Bombast in the House of Commons for these guys is another day at the office.

Finally, here’s the younger Trudeau, a former schoolteacher and current Prime Minister of Canada, taking executive teacher-like action in the House of Commons. Don’t mess with a Trudeau – or a teacher, for that matter.

Anyone who has ever run a classroom will recognize that move a mile away.

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A concerted effort on the Canadian side has been made to maintain decent economic relations with America, despite the vitriol coming from south of the 49th Parallel, but with the wildcard Trump in the White House, it is unknown how this issue of trade will play out in the future as long as both men are in office.