Last night, now-legendary Rochester Hills, Michigan-born rapper Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) had the moment of his career.

Everything that has happened since President Donald J. Trump took office culminated in four minutes and thirty seconds of pure hip hop political fury (ABOVE). Fury not heard or experienced since Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5’s unforgettable classic The Message hit record stores back in ’83. Eminem had become a rap legend.

Over the course of Slim Shady’s masterful freestyle performance, the veteran hip hop star proves he’s still got game, unmercifully unleashing a tirade of epic proportions upon the hapless President of the United States.

His topics include the president’s mishandling of the North Korean nuclear threat; the Las Vegas shooting; the Puerto Rican hurricane disaster; and Colin Kaepernick’s moment of bravery and sacrifice.

The 29-year-old then-NFL quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers started a wave of protests by NFL and average US citizens alike against police violence and murder of unarmed black men.

The protests began on September 1, 2016, when Colin Kaepernick first took a knee prior to an NFL preseason gave during the singing of the US National Anthem.

With one single moment, the biracial football star most likely surrendered his entire professional football career and millions of dollars for his cause in the process to shine a light on the unjust killings. This amid horrendous backlash from much of the mainstream media, politicians – including the president, who called Kaepernick and his supporters “sons of bitches” – and some of NFL fans.

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Since his release from NFL employment, he (Kaepernick) has donated his time, energy and personal fortune to put his money where his mouth is. In a moment of pure girl power, Kaepernick’s mother responded to Trump’s tirade (via tweet, as you would expect) with the decidedly epic, “Guess that makes me a proud bitch!”

As for Eminem, the now-44-year-old father of 1 and stepfather of 2 is no stranger to political rap. He addressed the 2004 election between then-President George W. Bush and his Democratic opponent, John Kerry, with the emotionally-charged Mosh.

These recent events have brought to light the immense quandaries taking place in the United States. From general political mismanagement to the threat of nuclear war to gun control to racism to education to government inaction to the rise of fascism in that country.

For better or for worse, President Trump has brought to the surface all the ills, pains and injustice that have plagued and still plague America since its founding in 1776. This all culminated on Tuesday night, when the BET Cypher Awards aired, featuring Eminem’s blistering sociopolitical critique of the United States.