With the polls seemingly bouncing back in Alabama Republican Senate Candidate, resident perv and so-called Christian Roy Moore’s favour, President Donald Trump has decided to offer his support. On his favourite mode of communication, Twitter, anyway, according to The Guardian and other solid publications.

In the midst of Trump’s now-180-denial of the Billy Bush “pussy-grabbing” tape, the other hero of the Christian Right, serial predator Roy Moore has decided to soldier on, speaking before church congregations. This is all legal, since Trump’s destruction of the once-sacred church and state separation, supported vehemently by America’s Founding Fathers and many past presidents.

It’s epically mind-blowing enough that so-called Christians and “followers of Jesus Christ” would support a serial child predator.

Not to mention a frequent after-school shopper and high school football fan.

Apparently this is more favourable to many far right wingers in the state of Arkansas than someone who an admittedly pro-establishment Democrat promises to vaguely give a damn about the poor. Trump has made this argument on more than one occasion in public statements on the subject.

A preacher and then the state auditor Jim Ziegler also argued that predatory behaviour towards young teenage girls as young as 14 should be acceptable to the Christian community.

Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.

Jim Ziegler

I’m no Christian theologian, but from what I remember from Sunday school, there’s a reason she was called the Virgin Mary and the conception was “immaculate.”

Other so-called Christian preachers in their defense of Judge Moore have stated that they believe it is acceptable for a man in his 30s to court girls as young as 14, because they are “pure.” Just like Roy Moore, right?

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In addition to Roy Moore’s borderline-illegal extracurricular behaviour, his views on social issues and Islam, among others, demonstrate blatant hypocrisy. The Hill and a litany of other sources have reported on a past 2005 interview where Roy Moore used the tired, old, and ridiculous Christian Conservative comparison between homosexuality and beastiality.

President Trump, for his part, is no stranger to such allegations, beyond just his serial “locker room talk.”

This includes, but is not limited to, allegations (that were later “softened”) from his ex-wife Ivana that he raped her. And also an allegation from another woman that he actually made good on his “grab them by the pussy” comment.

Two peas in a pod? “He (Moore) denies it,” Trump argued before the press corp. Trump now denies that the “pussy grabbing” tape that he once apologized for during the 2016 campaign is even real.

Apparently, when Trump opens his mouth in public, he doesn’t realize that the cameras are always rolling. Many of these allegations can be fact-checked, and in most cases are.

Iit seems Hollywood, the media and politicians are finally being exposed for their past despicable transgressions. And one could be a state senator in the midst of such repeated allegations and police reports.

In the case of “Christian” Roy Moore, police say they had to keep an eye on him at the mall.

Thus ensuring he didn’t try to “pick up” female members of the after-school crowd.

Those looking for the interview/statement from Moore’s then-14-year-old accuser can check out this link, courtesy of the Canadian TV outlet Global News.

I will not repeat the disgusting, corroborated events she describes here. In the recent past, such female accusers were often dismissed without investigation. They were assumed to be out for some kind of financial gain, fame or public recognition. Today, most of us know better.

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That isn’t to say that such allegations haven’t occasionally been proven false and defamatory. But as with Bill Cosby’s accusations, I would ask the question:

How many women (then young girls) need to come forward with corroborating stories?

For how long will voters in Arkansas and elsewhere continue to support “Christian” men like Trump and Moore?

Men who blatantly and brazenly abuse women, expecting (and often receiving) no recompense?