It’s time for Senator Al Franken to go.

As of December 6 at 10:56 PT, 8 women have come forward to accuse Al Franken of sexual misconduct. To his credit, however, Franken has NOT denied ANY of these accusations.

With that said, female senators calling for his resignation are 100% correct.

Whether it’s Roy Moore, Bill Cosby or Al Franken, it doesn’t make any difference.

How many women have to come forward to tell their story does it take for them to be taken seriously and believed?

As of the writing of this article, Al Franken has yet to step down as senator representing Minnesota. His apologies are undoubtedly a breath of fresh air amidst the lying, misdirection and public shaming of female accusers we see in politics and Hollywood and the media today. But it’s just not good enough, is it?

I have long given a bare pass to politicians who lie. This is particularly with respect to private matters that don’t involve legal issues or violent acts. I consider sexual misconduct to be a violent act against another human being and wholly unacceptable.

I draw the line with unwanted advances, violence and illicit sexual behaviour no matter who is doing it, regardless of the circumstance.

In many ways, I have liked Al Franken, both as a comedian and a senator.

But, #sorrynotsorry, Al. This is out of control and you’ve gotta go.

You lost me when you struck out on the 3rd accuser, let alone 8.

I am in no way absolving other sexual predators from the list that are afforded and have earned such disgusting distinction. And whether Franken is liberal or conservative is irrelevant. It doesn’t make any difference who is “on my side” (whatever that means) or not “on my side.”

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The people who are “on my side” don’t touch women without their consent.

You don’t whip it out with someone you’re not romantically involved with and perv on someone, male or female, unless you get consent first.

The picture involving Al Franken and the female veteran was stupid and disrespectful, but there’s a pattern here.
So, Al, you’re done. Pack your backs and take that pedophile Roy Moore with you.