Let’s be honest and open on this issue for once: Guns DO kill people – and they make it easier to commit mass atrocities when compared with other so-called “weapons.”

Let’s also be honest about the single function of a firearm: To take a life – or at least maim and cause injury.

You cannot say that about any other device human beings use to destroy each other. Every other device used by people to physically damage one another has a primary function separate from the function of a gun.

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Did I mention guns make mass assault and murder easier? Far easier. That isn’t even up for debate. You can do a lot more damage with an AR-15 than you can with a knife in a short period of time.

But I know you are struggling with this, because, let’s face it, you like guns. And it’s in your Constitution – written at a time when guns did little more damage than a knife and required a lot more effort to use to full capacity.

Now, any sane, rational person – even one lacking in intimate knowledge of the DSM-IV might argue that such an irrational obsession with such an effective killing machine could suggest the possibility of a mental health diagnosis such as sociopathy or at least clinical indifference for one’s fellow man or even Psychotic Paranoia, but I would hardly make those claims – and Brutus is an honourable man.

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But let’s entertain, at least for a moment, a classic argument perpetuated by the National Rifle Association: More gun crimes are committed in American States with more stringent gun laws. While that is debatable, let’s join that bubble than so many Americans live in, shall we?

Forget all you know, or should know, about the rate of gun crimes and murder committed outside of America (or lack thereof, in many cases) and that America’s gun crime rate rivals 3rd world countries.

If the rate of gun crimes, as it is argued by many of a certain ilk, is indeed higher in “gun free zones” or states with more significant gun control laws, where are people getting their guns? Last time I checked, America is made up of 50 states. Despite decentralization by many Republican politicians, rightly or wrongly, there’s no border patrol separating each state that one is required to pass through.

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For an interactive map, thanks to our friends at The Guardian, you can follow along here. Illinois has the most stringent conceal-carry weapons laws in the country. It’s northwestern neighbour, Iowa, is nearly on the other end of the spectrum. How easy would it be for someone with malintent to LEGALLY purchase an AR-15 or other such assault rifle in Iowa or another neighbouring state with laxer gun laws and commit a crime in Chicago? IT HAPPENS FAR TOO FREQUENTLY.

And if I should contribute to any cognitive dissonance for posting a comedian and a “foreigner” brilliantly taking down the gun argument, I make no apologies. There’s a legitimate reason “foreigners” mock America’s fixation and obsession with guns – we’re all still balked by the lack of intellectualism on this subject. And I know I have writers I have hired on this Diatribe that do not share my opinions on guns. They have a right to their opinions – just not their own facts.

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How many people have to die for this gun obsession?