When the dust had lifted on President Donald J. Trump’s 1st official State of the Union address, there was Kennedy stuck at second, and Bernie rounding third.

If there’s one semi-positive thing to take from this speech, which will undoubtedly create jobs for the makers of Red Bull, it’s that it was largely a run-of-the-mill, bland speech.

The least Trump could do was break out some of his famous, cringe-worthy lines he applies so eloquently on Twitter. No such luck. Instead it was the typical platitudes – complete with dragging out a grieving widow to further a blatantly racist agenda. Including against Dreamers themselves.

Such was the State of the Union Address. The president’s comments about infrastructure were a welcomed change from the norm. But now that the massive, permanent tax cuts for the rich have been passed, as Republicans tend to put it, “Where’s the money coming from?” Where they usually come from – straight out of the ass of the middle class.

The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class. Keep ’em showin’ up at those jobs.

George Carlin

Even from beyond the grave, the words of George Carlin should resonate to us all.

While former Ku Klux Klan Leader David Duke was ecstatic over the speech that demeaned beneficiaries of the now-defunct Dream Act by calling all Americans “dreamers.” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the most popular politician in America, was clearly not impressed.

He (Trump) will surely not be apologizing for the many lies he told American voters: how he promised to defend the interests of working people, but then sold them out to Wall Street and the billionaire class,

He will also not be talking about the role that he has played in significantly lowering the respect that people all over the planet have for the United States or his support for authoritarianism abroad.

Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s full State of the Union rebuttal speech transcript can be found here.

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One thing Bernie clearly has on The Donald is vision.

He has a clear view of what he wants to achieve for America, while much of Trump’s policies are either racist or seeped in platitudes, like a standard politician.

Bernie goes on to hammer the president on worker’s wages compared to massive profits and tax cuts to major corporations.

Over the last year, after adjusting for inflation, the average worker in America saw a wage increase of, are you ready for this, 4 cents an hour, or 0.17%. Or, to put it in a different way, that worker received a raise of a little more than $1.60 a week. And, as is often the case, that tiny wage increase disappeared as a result of soaring health care costs.

Senator Bernie Sanders

As a Canadian who has healthcare because I’m a human being who society has decided has value on that basis alone, I have no reason to argue with the former Jewish carpenter from New York.

Let’s be frank. If Trump were sincere in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, he has since sold out. Or maybe he was playing his devoted supporters the entire time. An arrogant businessman with delusions of grandeur? I wouldn’t put it past him.

This speech will undoubtedly further divide the country. Trump’s supporters, particularly those of the tiki torch variety, will be ecstatic and enthralled. For everyone else who makes less than $75,000 a year and is aware, this is a disaster of epic proportions.

To quote Mike Stivic to Archie Bunker on All In the Family: “You broke your own record.”

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