Sexual harassment. Seriously, who wants to work in Hollywood anymore? Thanks to the Statue of Limitations on RAPE and SEXUAL HARASSMENT, you can’t do shit to many of these predators.

Sexual harassment is about power and control.

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I once watched a movie called Disclosure (clip above) starring Michael Douglas, Demi Moore and legendary Canadian actor Donald Sutherland. Being aroused even while being sexually assaulted is an involuntary bodily reflex or response and I understand not that uncommon. It doesn’t make the crime any less heinous or horrific or wrong.

I don’t quite understand the motivation. Maybe it’s all about power, or maybe there’s another thing at play as well. If you control someone’s livelihood, they are a lot less likely to expose you. Prostitution doesn’t require admission. In many cases, all that is necessary is a sting operation by local police and some form of physical or anecdotal evidence.

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It’s extremely difficult, given the power dynamic between the predator and his or her prey as well as the shame involved for the victim to come forward, so one thing we can do is legalize prostitution.

Divorce went down 8% after Australia legalized the sex trade.

My guess is, it would at least help in these heinous cases, or at least take away the bullshit excuse for these disgusting acts perpetrated against vulnerable human beings.

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When it comes to prostitution, the power dynamic is equal. It’s a business exchange for services. You may be averse to that personally or have objections based on religious belief: but if you claim to be for the rights of women to control their own bodies, just as men have, and protect them from physical or psychological harm, this must be a consideration.

Someone has to stand for the right of all women (and men, too) to pursue her career without being victimized by people in a position of power over them.

This doesn’t just happen to women. Just ask Corey Feldman. Or the other Corey – Haim…oh wait, we can’t, because he died of a drug overdose, likely due to the psychological torment caused by years of abuse and assault.

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I applaud the brave men and women who have come forward to stand up against this disgusting behaviour in Hollywood, even though they know it will irreparably damage their careers and thanks to the Statute of Limitations in many US states, won’t be admissible in court.

But we can’t allow these sexual predators to get away with this behaviour. Human relationships, both romantic and platonic, are based specifically on trust.

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How in the blue hell is the victim of a rape, sexual assault or harassment ever going to trust another human being again?

That’s not happening without a lot of intensive psychotherapy.

Working in mental health as long as I have (over a decade), witnessing and documenting the terrible results and trauma one experiences because of such things was all too commonplace for me. Many people have to take psychotropic medication for the rest of their lives to combat the psychological torment they go through.

Victims of these malevolent crimes can’t just “suck it up” or “get over it.”

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If you believe that, you’ve probably never experienced real sexual misconduct. Or you’re just lucky.

Your trust in another person and the shame and guilt you feel, as well as the sometimes-physical trauma one experiences, is not something you can just will away. That shit you carry like luggage filled with chains or a giant stone often for the rest of your life.

Laws desperately need to be changed, if we are ever going to help the victims and prevent these unspeakable crimes. The stigma surrounding sexual assault and harassment needs to change. Everyone deals with shit in their lives, and there is no shame in that. But nobody should have to deal with this sort of thing.

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Sexual harassment is about power.

It’s a terrible thing to feel powerless. Especially when you’ve had it in some form and it was stripped from you by force through sexual harassment by a predator in a position of power like Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby or Kevin Spacey (allegedly).