Roy Moore, renowned “Christian conservative,” just can’t stop undermining his own faith and politics among the sane and decent.

The man at one time tried desperately to change Alabama law. He then argued that Alabama’s “rape shield” law should not prevent perverts from using evidence in court attacking underage defendants’ person lives. Apparently, Ladies, according to Moore and many others on the far right, if you engage in “fornication,” you’re just asking for it.

But recently, Judge and resident wannabe Mall Santa Roy Moore spoke before a church congregation attacking the LGBTQ2 community.

Full video of his comments can be seen here. This courtesy of the New York Daily News.

This guy seems to be the most in competition with Trump for horrendous behaviour against hated groups by the Far Right. Including mistreatment of women. This included a special mention for women and Muslims. He claimed they did not belong in American politics and were assisting gays, lesbians and socialists in “destroying the moral fabric of America.”

Apparently, Roy Moore and others are running out of ideas to rally their base.

Fortunately for them and unfortunately for every other thinking and compassionate person in America and around the globe, that base doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. All this in spite of such heinous, repeated accusations and police reports with respect to people like Judge Moore.

Former President George W. Bush began the process of destroying America’s “freedom and liberty” without the help of “radical Islam.” Meanwhile, people like Roy Moore are destroying the very tenants of Jesus Christ’s teachings. This without the help of the Bill Mahers and Ellens of America.

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Someone needs to explain – though it may be difficult – to Roy Moore and his Christian conservatives that not everything about the past was so great. 

Unless, of course, you’re white and male. When you come from an era where straight white males believed they dominated society and did pretty much whatever they wanted, I can somewhat understand their frustration. But they’re still assholes. The man who was by accounts the first male feminist could hardly be impressed with such ideas.

Other countries like Canada are acknowledging the sins of the past and trying to make amends for them – however impossible. Meanwhile, many people in America seem hell-bent on preserving a forgettable and disgusting time in US history.

Moore is inexplicably tied with Democrat Doug Jones statistically in the polls. This despite signs that women are finally starting to see Moore for who he is and abandoning support for him. About time.

My own personal guess is that Alabama will break its own record for face-palm inducing decisions. This by elect Roy Moore to the senate; despite his behaviour and many politicians, including Republicans, calling for him to drop out of the race.

I watched the Stepford Wives once, and that was enough. Most of us watched that movie in horror. Yet it appears that’s how Roy Moore and many others would like it.

Let the clown show continue.