At face value, to many uninformed Trump voters, it may seem as if President Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of John F. Kennedy in taking on US intelligence services.

But in reality, he’s the Roman Emperor Nero. “Some people just want to see the world burn.”
Whether it’s the CIA or FBI a president is attacking is irrelevant. The fact that it’s a federal investigation against him is entirely relevant.

When JFK made his statement about the CIA, it was in the wake of that organization blatantly and unlawfully lying to him. This led to senseless murder and an invasion he patently disagree


d with. He also took a lot of flack for not sending in air support when the Bay of Pigs failed miserably. He was right.

As a US veteran who fought bravely in a war in South East Asia, Kennedy recognized that everything former President Dwight Eisenhower said in his farewell speech was true.

Trump Nero JFKTrump does not. He blames his predecessor for not doing the things the CIA wanted to do in the wake of the Bay of Pigs disaster.

Is war the answer? How many overseas failures has the United States experienced? How many times does America need to get its ass handed to them in the name of corporate interests. And how many times does Big Oil have to cause the senseless murder of hundreds of thousands of people needlessly?


Now let’s look at the countries America has tensions with. Let’s piss off some anti-conspiracy theorists, shall we?

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What do all but one of North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, Iceland and Iran have in common?

They all have absolute control over their central banks. They are wholly nationalized. They’re not subject to the global, private banking system.

What are you going to do? Bomb Iceland? What natural resource are you looking for there?

North Korea has precious minerals. The rest, excluding Iceland of course, have OIL. Some Americans may be fooled into supporting a war with an oil-rich country as they were with Iraq. Why? They assumed wrongly that gas prices would drop as a result. They didn’t.

Do you honestly think that’s going to happen if America takes out another oil-rich government? If you do, you are entirely ignorant of history or facts.

Why do you think North Korea obtained nuclear weapons? For fun? Of course not. Kim Jong Un doesn’t want to end up with a bayonet up his ass like Omar Gaddafi, who surrendered his nukes to the US.

Unfortunately, a sane president like Barack Obama, for his many faults, isn’t in the White House. Kim has an adversary as mentally unstable and egotistical as him in the White House and they are both playing a dangerous game of chicken which will affect everyone on this planet.

If America ignorantly attacks North Korea, it will either be my ass or the people of South Korea that hang in the balance. How many people need to die for America to prove its superiority?

Mr. Trump, is this what Jesus would do? Hell no. If you go through with this, to hell with my livelihood – you are a senseless, evil mass murderer.

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The fate of the planet hangs in the balance and the people with all the power are certifiably insane.

Is this what JFK would have done? He had a key role in ending the Cuban Missile Crisis, which also threatened the entire world. Did he antagonize and call Russian Leader Nikita Khrushchev names? They were on a direct telephone line together for much of Kennedy’s presidency trying to work things out.

When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson goes to North Korea to diffuse the situation, the president undermines his efforts.

Mr. President, stick to Call of Duty. This shit is for real. I’m sure the Prince of Peace is very impressed.

The rich bastards don’t want this. It’s terrible for their bottom line and of course, their livelihoods as well. What are they going to do? Escape to Mars for a better life?

America, you wanted a president who was out of the control of the establishment. You should have been careful what you wished for. You got the Roman Emperor Nero.


I know a lot of evangelical Christians love this, because they believe millions have to perish in order for them to go to heaven anytime soon, but I don’t believe in a God who is a sadist and a murderer as they do.

If there be a God, he is a humanitarian who cares about all of us, as Jesus did. Why do they reject the very tenants of their faith in order to commit mass murder?

I don’t get it. JFK was the first Catholic president, but he acted like a follower of Jesus, because as a politician, he pushed for policies largely that Jesus would be in agreement with.

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JFK fought for justice, peace and liberty and he lost his very life for it. So did one of his brothers, his son and his brother was disgraced on a total set up.

Trump and Nero fought for ego, rich friends and watching Fox News with junk food sitting in their laps.

To quote Batman: The Dark Knight: “Some people just want to see the world burn.”

Donald Trump is the Roman Emperor Nero, playing the harp whilst Rome burned to a crisp.

He is a sociopath and a borderline sadist with a personality disorder, speaking as someone who has worked in mental health for over a decade.

America, you got Peter Ustinov’s Roman Emperor Nero. Not Christian Bale’s Batman.

Peter Ustinov Nero