Robert Mueller, Special Prosecutor and former FBI Director, has subpoenaed President Donald Trump’s personal bank accounts.

This is specifically with respect to Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank. The financial institution has been long suspected of being a “laundromat” for oligarchs and businessmen.

Deutsche Bank itself released a statement claiming an “internal investigation” resulted in little of consequence. Of course.

The bank has also, according to The Guardian, been subpoenaed.

Despite the ongoing investigation by Robert Mueller, President Trump has repeatedly denied dealings with Russia via Tweet and elsewhere, even suggesting the investigation be shut down for “lack of evidence.”

Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA—NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING.

President Trump via Twitter

On the heels of Paul Manafort appearing to be cooperating with the Robert Mueller investigation, this seems hardly a “nothingburger,” as has been suggested by some far right wing news outlets.

Trump was, unbeknownst to the public in 2008, been struggling to obtain domestic bank loans and had been seeking such financial assistance elsewhere.

Another excuse Trump may try to desperately use to shut down the investigation – obstruction of justice if there ever was – is that the investigation by the 72-year-old Robert Mueller has already cost taxpayers $6.7 million, according to Time Magazine and other sources.

Of this, $3.2 million has been reportedly spent by the Special Counsel’s Office. Another $3.5 million was spent by the Justice Department.

Britain’s The Telegraph outlines Mueller’s previous accomplishments, which are considerable. This includes this prosecution of the Gambino Crime Family Boss John Gotti. The Gottis were once featured in the reality show, Growing Up Gotti.

The plot continues to thicken. This is the first time so far that the investigation, at least to public knowledge, has implicated Trump directly. The indictments continue as the investigation finally reaches the White House, with VP Mike Pence waiting in the wings.

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