In a move that has even – shockingly – divided some Canadians, Prime Minister Justin P.J. Trudeau apologized to the LGBTQ2 community for past wrongs. Imagine if Former President Barack Obama had done this. Fox News would have destroyed him.

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In a world where men are still expected to be some ridiculous form of “macho,” cold and emotionless, the PM dared to do what the Far Right has already derided as weak, among other unpleasant things. He dared to be human.

I am not gay or transgendered or identify as a member of the LGBTQ2 community, and I couldn’t even begin to understand that experience.

But I do know what it is to be human. To care about human beings other than myself and try to see things from their perspective, even though that may be impossible.

And to dare to show compassion for the legitimate struggles of others for things they never chose. I didn’t choose to be disabled and face some discrimination for it.

So it would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the immense discrimination and pain one must feel for being who one is. That is something I can hardly imagine.

So many politicians and other prominent figures, particularly south of the 49th Parallel, are in the midst of covering for their transgressions and distribute blame instead of taking responsibility.

One of the things that makes us Canadian is that we, though wholly imperfectly, try to face our worst fears, errors and mistakes head on as a society and get past them – even when it is arduous and difficult.

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Apologizing for a wrong is NOT a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength and character.

Those who do not own up to their transgressions are merely egotistical cowards. They don’t have the balls to act like “real men.”

Some have also claimed they find the PM’s penchant for becoming teary-eyed to be politically motivated. He has wept in public on more than one occasion. I respectfully disagree, though I have had my policy differences with Mr. Trudeau. I am not prepared to call him a faker.

Many will also point to Mr. Trudeau’s support for the Saudi regime, which has caused much suffering in the Middle East, including oppressing minorities and bombing women and children in Yemen. That is, sadly, extremely accurate. But I also understand the world that we live in and a little of politics.

Most of us have seen the horrible Zapruder Film showing the infamous “kill shots” that ended JFK’s presidency and life. Some people aren’t worth messing with, or so many politicians believe. You can call that cowardice or whatever you want, but no other prominent politician has stood up to John F. Kennedy’s killers. It would be hypocritical to attack someone for failing to do what everyone else has failed to do.

Mr. Trudeau, in spite of his support for LGBTQ2 rights as well as others, is an imperfect man – as we all are – and an imperfect prime minister.

In any case, even in a country like mine, it is still courageous to stand up for those who have no voice. Wherever you are, and whatever your situation, it is always the right time to do and stand for what is right.

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Whatever your “moral” objections are to this subject, it is NEVER wrong to stand up for people who have no voice.

And treat everyone like the human beings that they are, with love, honour and respect is Canadian. It’s also what being a decent human being is all about.