Bentley is surprised to have a new boss

Neoliberals have been crushed. At least temporarily. While it may not have happened the way he or I may have expected it, myself and Bentley Stanford Rhodes (pictured left) have a new premier of British Columbia. He’s hoping for cheaper treats, ice cream and shepherd’s pie. I have bigger fish to fry.

In a move that I have difficulty agreeing with (as a disgruntled subject of a figurehead queen who lives across the pond), Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon has asked Commons Opposition Leader John Horgan of the left-leaning New Democratic Party to try to form a government in coalition with the Green Party of BC – a decent outcome, had it come from the electorate: an electorate that, based on the polls, demonstrates BC voters are gluttons for punishment and seem to be under the thumb of a corporate media that will always choose the BC “Liberals,” a party that I have described before as hardly “liberal.” Not wanting to send gay people to gulags hardly makes you “liberal.” It makes you just about human, even if on every other issue that notion is under serious question.

But as we (thankfully) aren’t headed to the polls – at least not immediately – it’s disappointing to many who struggle in BC to make end’s meet how their beloved province could become something shunned as too far to the right by provinces such as Alberta. BC is a province that is well known to have a Fentanyl, a poverty and a housing crisis. And yet, voters struggled to change their situation at polling stations.

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John Horgan is known as kind of an angry guy. Maybe he should be. Maybe we all should be angry at neoliberals like FORMER Premier Christy Clark for what they have done to our province, making it only inhabitable for the very rich, and then producing a dubious“throne speech” that declares solidarity with the less fortunate and the REAL middle class everyone including Clark knew was doomed to fail.

If BC voters want to play ignorant and shoot themselves in the foot in the next election, that is their prerogative. Certainly, other options are scarce, yet it is worthwhile to note the failure of neoliberalism all over the world and that under the BC NeoLiberals, British Columbia was just a ticking time-bomb.