Unless you’ve been living under a rock, social media has been on fire over the new and latest trend, Male Rompers (or a male onesie) as I would like to call it. This one piece clothing item that was once popular only amongst women and babies has now become a trend in mainstream male fashion and the internet is in a debate on whether or not this trend is acceptable.

Over the last few days I have mostly ignored the male romper conversation because I find it to be absolutely ridiculous. As a mother and a wife, I could personally never fathom having my husband wear the same sort of outfits that I wear every day. If you’re into that sort of thing, that’s fine. It’s just not me.

Earlier this week while riding in my car, I was surprised to hear Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell(a nationally syndicated gospel radio station) discuss this new male romper fashion trend and while I knew most women I knew weren’t a fan of the romper, I was surprised by the debate of the show’s callers. One caller in particular not only said that male rompers were not okay but that male rompers were in fact an attack on masculinity.


As I paused and attempted to digest the heavy statement that just had been made by the show’s caller, I couldn’t help but take a step back and ask myself, are rompers an attack on masculinity?

Maybe not intentionally.

But if you really look at the grand scheme of things, maybe it is.

We now live in a generation where men and women are celebrated for being different and suddenly those gender confines that we have so often lived within are  non existent making it easier than ever for women to embrace male roles and men to embrace female roles.

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While I do believe that all men and women should have the opportunity to embrace who they are, many of these new gender trends have me wondering if in fact we have become a culture that has made it okay for men not to be the men that they were created to be and the same with women. Maybe not entirely, but I do believe that as our society progresses you will begin to see more and more men and women dressing (and looking) the exact same. Is the thought scary? Absolutely. Especially as a mom who is raising a beautiful little girl.

As a mom I have always vowed to always teach my daughter right from wrong; however, society is teaching our children to embrace what we have known to always be wrong as right and if society is teaching my daughter something totally different from what I am teaching her, some sort of backlash is bound to happen.

Perhaps, I am being too deep or perhaps I”m not being open minded enough due to my biblical upraising but the more I think about it the more I realize that yes, the male romper is an attack on male masculinity and I simply wish the world would wake up and start letting men be men and women be women. It’s worked in the past, and why fix what’s not broken?