If we hadn’t already learned our lesson about neverending, pointless, bloody wars overseas from interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other places around the world that have claimed countless innocent civilian lives, President Donald Trump, via speech and Tweet, has the US beating the war drums once again in North Korea, a tiny country with a marginal army and no nuclear delivery system as of yet.

Kim Jung Un is a madman to be sure who oppresses his own people, but he’s not stupid. Any significant attack by North Korea on US soil would result in Kim’s country (forget government) wiped off the map in retaliation. Kim is well aware of this, despite his rhetoric and letting off irrelevant steam. But on America’s part, this is exactly how we got ourselves into major, disastrous conflicts in the Middle East. The only winner in this possible catastrophe is Iran, who must feel like a black person in America after 9/11. Now the focus is off one innocent and onto another.

While North Korea is hardly a noble regime, starting another war would stretch America even thinner both at home and overseas and cause them to make the same mistake that Germany made in 2 major world wars – and in both cases, both Germany and America were and are the aggressor. Make no mistake about that. There are no “good guys” in this conflict, despite all-American rhetoric.

Check out the documentary on the right from 2008 for more info on America’s unnecessary and aggressive foreign policy over the past half-century or more, focusing on the threat of military action against Iran, another country that has never attacked a neighbour in its history as a nation.



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