In preparation for the visit of Pakistani Education Activist Malala Yousafzai to Canada on Wednesday, April 12, here’s a quick primer on her journey thus far.

On her way home from school on 9 October 2012, then 15-year old Malala was shot point-blank in the head by Taliban forces, angered at her vocal support for the education of women and girls. Miraculously, the bullet never penetrated her brain, but left her in a coma for many days until top surgeons in England, where she had been flowed by military ambulance courtesy of the United Arab Emirates, could repair her fractured skull and ear drum.

Ultimately, she made a full recovery, returning to school in the United Kingdom and achieving top marks in all of her classes.

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On October 22, 2014, Malala was originally scheduled to visit Canada until a lone, armed, mentally unstable man – claiming to be inspired by terrorist groups – invaded Canadian parliament buildings in Ottawa, killing 2 soldiers, before being heroically taken down by a member of parliament.

To the credit of the Canadian government and the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service, no other terrorist attacks until the Montreal attacks have occurred on Canadian soil, making Canadian a continued safe place in a world gone mad.

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Malala’s visit will include a speech before the Canadian House of Commons as well as other planned events, hosted by Prime Minister and former high school teacher Justin Trudeau.