As reported by the Young Turks and others, a townhall with respect to teachers’ salaries and the salaries of superintendents led to the arrest of an outspoken educator.

The pronouncement from on high was that the superintendent of that district would be receiving a $38,000 raise on an already generous salary (compared with the people who educate the nation’s kids). Teachers themselves would receive NOTHING in compensation.

In response, immensely brave and courageous Teacher Deyshia Hargrave stood up and exercised her freedom of speech in denouncing the ruling. In response, the board had her promptly handcuffed, arrested and jailed.  Charges were NOT pressed, but the lady in question, at any rate, was booked like a common criminal.

TYT’s full report including the video of Ms. Hargrave’s forcible and horrendous arrest can be seen above. Warning: It may be hard to watch for some.

Teachers haven’t received a raise in Louisiana for YEARS.

I have also experienced similar such proceedings first hand in my working life, and I am no less disgusted by this total disregard for constitutional rights or the townhall process.

The school board has since defended its actions. Public outrage has been as you would expect from a situation like this.

Our society shows a total lack of respect for educators, including in my country, Canada. This must stop. We claim kids are the most precious things we have in society and we value life, but we don’t. We simply do not.

The lack of respect we show to the people we entrust with our kids’ education is horrendous. There is no excuse for this sort of treatment of another human being exercising their right to freedom of speech.

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As America’s little brother, I love that country, but it is quickly becoming a country I cannot defend morally or ethically. This is NOT was a democracy is supposed to be.

Kids, NEVER be afraid to question authority. Especially when it puts you at risk. It’s always worth it. Maybe not for you, but for others.

Take it away, George!