The past few decades has proven fruitful in exposing the true lines of power that exist in the world. The extent that some choose to influence world events, and private ones, for their own gain. Many occurrences thought to be happenstance were proven to be strenuously calculated and orchestrated. But a question that still is not adequately answered, and may never fully be, is WHO is behind it all?

There is a problem with a question like that here. The ones responsible work with other groups to occlude their identity. Trusts are used to hide where money goes, and charitable foundations with political and “philanthropic” influence, NGO’s and other “think tanks” with economic and legislative policy (along with previously described influence), and so on. They work within them all to achieve their goals, of….whatever their real end game really is.

So the question still exists: WHO? The ones generally responsible are part of a set of 13 bloodlines, such as the Rothschields, that have been deeply involved with gold mining and banking for centuries. They run the Bank of England and essentially the City of London, among others. The other families manage cartels in various economic and industrial sectors, and they collectively strongarm regulations and policies to benefit them over the rest. Their behaviors became the norm through influence in educational institutions, by either warping the existing curricula to their ends or by setting up whole departments and even whole schools dedicated to their ways of thinking. They create scores of cogs in their machine, all necessary for everything JUST as it is to continue. Those cogs are wage and debt slaves to the banks and through many corporations, and through the excess production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, the stratified order is maintained while the planet continues to be further damaged.

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Many multinational corporations are ultimately owned by them via stock exchanges. They also infiltrate ratings boards, media outlets like CNN and Fox, regulatory agencies such as the FDA and the SEC, and ALL other agencies, to ensure their machine is well oiled, while the populace is kept in the dark and too stupefied by drugs, mass hypnosis, and shock treatment a la MK Ultra, to comprehend such complexities.

The bloodlines are interbred with royalty and other “important” people throughout history, even through incest, to maintain…whatever it is they are hard-pressed to maintain…it is unclear WHY they do it beyond some vague notion of “status” but it must go deeper than that, because…the practice is rather unseemly. Mothers and sons. Daughters and fathers. Brothers and sisters. Uncles and nieces. Yet people only think of “rednecks” when they think of interwined family lineages…these families DEFINE it. They ultimately are one bloodline with many branches in name only as they change their name often to hide their incest. This same obfuscation by name is how they conduct their business, buying up other businesses and land via aliases, front corporations, mutual funds, brokerage firms, banks, etc.

These bloodlines are not the only actors though, and those in them are as varied as any group they are part of. That is another problem in identification. Even they have good and bad apples within, though “good” is used loosely and relatively here. Many independent beings work with them to achieve their own goals and also may serve the will of others. Millions are not aware they are doing harm. They do honest work but for dishonest bosses. Though, what is considered these days to be honest is a symptom of the manipulations of these nebulously named conspirators.

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This Cabal (a term that seems to fit nicely for the collective will of these actors) has a habit of using crisis to alter a situation to their advantage. A prime example already mentioned is how many directed a crash of the stock exchange while the Rothschields swooped in to buy up the Bank of England. The bank has done their bidding since. The same also is true with the Federal Reserve since its founding (See: “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins or “The Creature of Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin). This applies to all banks except for a choice few targeted these days by the various arms of their rapacious war machine.

Nothing stops them but a growing number of people that expose their handiwork, one link, one “hop” at a time. Data compilation sites such as MuckRock and Muckety, Cryptome, many Anonymous releases, the blogosphere, pages on social networking sites, a MULTITUDE of audio and video recordings, live broadcasts on the radio and streamed online, ALL contribute to shedding light on the shadows that have limned the world for centuries. They are the sources of so much to take in. They shine for you to walk safely in the darkness. Question everything but have faith that truth will prevail as it already is. It will eventually surprise you how powerful even an “Average Joe” can be if you take mere minutes to apply a critical lens on the world, and report your findings. Many have died or been imprisoned for doing just that, but worry not. The Cabal is all so few and we are so many. They are as an animal in their death throes. It is a matter of inevitability that they lose, and we win.

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Send a message or comment where you get your truth. It deserves to be seen. Seek far and wide for more. It deserves to be found.