I must confess I know less about this man Mr. Jagmeet Singh than I should. He won me over, however, with the clip below. Here he deals with a heckler like a gentleman and a human being.

He didn’t call for security and have the lady thrown out for her ignorant, baseless comments and getting right in his face. Had this been in America and had she been black and he white, she would have been arrested on the spot (I’m glad she wasn’t and wish other hecklers faced the same fairness as this woman).

He responded to her with compassion and humanity, even though she was very, very wrong in her assumptions (Mr. Singh is Sikh, quite frankly the furthest thing from a Muslim), and showed tremendous bigotry and hatred.

Here’s the clip, courtesy of the Young Turks News Network.

A run-down of Mr. Singh’s policies, straight from his own website, can be found here.

Better to get it “straight from the horse’s mouth” to coin a phrase.

The media have already labelled Jagmeet Singh as a “game-changer.” He is, much to my chagrin, the first non-white person to lead a political party in Canada.

We have already had a female Prime Minister (briefly) in Canada in the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell in the early 1990s, following a tumultuous 7 1/2 years under the Progressive Conservative rule of the now-infamous Brian Mulroney, whose son Ben you may recognize from numerous Canadian television programs, including the now-defunct Canadian Idol, an American Idol spin-off.

Mr. Singh is fluent in English, French and Punjabi, which could be a real asset in a future Canadian Federal Election. More on the newly-minted NDP leader in a future article. But for today, this is an unprecedented moment in Canadian history that in my view should have come a long time ago, if we are to lead the world in acceptance and embracing of other races and cultures, political views aside.

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More on Mr. Singh’s policies in depth, as stated above, is forthcoming.

Is he Canada’s Bernie Sanders and will he follow in the footsteps of the late NDP leader Jack Layton, who passed away a few years ago? We are about to find out.