George Carlin was right. We like war.

I’m not going to show you clips or still photographs of rockets being launched or “shock and awe” (as it was described during the second illegal Iraq invasion) from a few short nights ago in Syria. I refuse to feed into what we’ve been conditioned to feel about war.

When news anchors go on television to wax poetic about weapons of war that are designed to kill people, I throw up in my mouth just a little bit. What’s worse is that many people in America fuel their patriotism with mass murder of helpless civilians.

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You never see the casualties when we cause them.

When it’s expedient for an oil company or the military industrial complex, the government and their colluders, the mainstream media, are more than happy (sorry, George) to feed our need for war and occasionally our sympathies for the deaths of innocents. But when our response to these atrocities or just our reckless behaviour in general leads to such horrendous death, nary a peep.

War (Sorry, I mean a “military response”) makes US the Terrorists

I have to assume that beyond the obvious issue of oil and money, we must all be sadists. When someone is committing murder and mayhem around the world, we can’t help but join in the festivities. We can’t stand that someone else might be having too much fun committing mass genocide, so we just can’t help ourselves in getting into the act.

That’s all you really accomplish when you have a “military response” to such hostilities, which results in more angry civilians naturally willing to take up arms against us, because to them, WE are the terrorists.

You don’t just get to claim the moral high ground. You have to keep earning it every chance you get. But we like war too much.

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We have always been very selective about who we help.

Mass genocide and such atrocities are committed by governments the world over, and yet our friends at the CIA, thankfully, don’t respond to every single one with lethal force. I don’t think I need to go on about natural resources.

It’s no wonder conspiracy theories abound. Check history.

According to real investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald at the Intercept, false flags are not an uncommon occurrence. They are a powerful manipulative tool to organize the masses in favour of a war that hardly benefits them.

Real, thinking pundits agree: Sarin gas attack makes no sense.

I outlined in my last article for you why a “gas attack” by the Syrian government is in everyone’s “strategic interest” – America’s far more than Syria’s leader Bashir Al-Assad’s (who is at this point winning his war with ISIS and Al-Qaeda – two all-American made and funded inventions).

Former congressman Ron Paul, comedian and George Carlin’s heir apparent Jimmy Dore, the Young Turks and the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald all agree there is no logic in the rush to judgement on this issue. But we like war.

Jimmy Dore, as always, has been one of the most vocal on this issue, providing evidence that the 2013 supposed Sarin/chlorine attack on Syria’s civilians was also a false flag which the mainstream media lied about and covered up. Because – we like war.

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Never fear, America. Your country is back to business as usual. Go back to sleep. Your government is in control.