If there is one thing I have observed with a sense of sarcasm and disgust in studying politics for the better part of 3 decades, it’s the feminization of the Republican, right-wing male. I’m not at all expecting a wife-beater by any stretch, but these helpless creatures tend to be the equivalent of Pierce Brosnan playing James Bond. Look no further than Vice President Mike Pence, who famously said that his attendance at social functions where alcohol was served or a dinner meeting with another woman depended upon the presence of She Who Must Be Obeyed.

And before you blast me for being a fiendish left-wing ideologue, I am only telling you boys this for your own good. Daniel Craig’s Bond bleeds. But he typically doesn’t need too much assistance in kicking ass and taking names and winning in the end. Brosnan’s Fleming characterization ultimately depended upon the emergence of the far superior Jinx – and it’s not as if I expect females to be whittled down to size until they are little more than Stepford Wives, I’m just expecting males to have the testicular fortitude to match. I don’t know too many ladies who are attracted to pussies.

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Seriously, Mike, nobody expects you to keep her under lock and key, but at least have a voice of your own. In this way, he’s a bit like the anti-Rick Santorum, who famously said during a presidential debate that his wife wasn’t present because she was at home looking after the kids. As one would expect from such an audience, that generated much applause, even from the Stepford Wives present.

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