As someone who has faced discrimination on numerous occasions over the course of my life, I am staunchly against that notion in principle.

I also welcome your comments on the notion of discrimination.

I’m trying to avoid a serious case of I’m-right-itus at the moment, and your participation in this is highly recommended.

But let’s be real: everything good (and bad) about our society involves some form of discrimination. Hockey fans would have no one to cheer for if there wasn’t a hockey league, with hockey teams, which, at least at the NHL level, discriminates against the most talented hockey players.

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Sorry, ladies. Girls’ night out has been called off due to discrimination against men. Better make other plans. Include a gay guy and everyone’s happy.

PS – if you’re averse to sarcasm and humour, you’ll probably hate this missive.

You don’t need a “He-Man Womun Haters Club,” Little Rascals-style, to host discrimination against other groups. In fact, some forms of occasional discrimination are healthy. Girls’ Night Out, as I mentioned before, an entirely healthy human activity, could be considered a form of discriminatory. Women’s only gyms? Gentleman’s Clubs? Clubs in general?

At least to me, attacking things like men’s or women’s only clubs or gyms is ridiculous. They detract from real acts of discrimination that we should be fighting against. A statue featuring someone who hated and in some cases murdered people based on their race, colour or sexual orientation should be far more offensive than a group of guys being “bros.” Instead, in our society, far too often we have attacks on innocent non-offenders who have a common bond and like interests. That’s no more discriminatory than a Girls’ Night Out.

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Is it also healthy to engage with people of whom we are different? Absolutely. But nobody complains when 2 people break up after one date because they aren’t compatible in terms of like interests. That would be silly, wouldn’t it?

I do not wish to devalue REAL discrimination, but to further expose it. You don’t do that when you attack the trivial.