A 21 year old DACA recipient who has been in America since the age of 3 (which damn well makes her American, like it or not) was outed by a racist classmate at a Kentucky college (go figure) recently and threatened with deportation by ICE, America’s deportation unit under President Donald J. Trump.

Miss Paola Garcia, a student who came to the United States with her parents as a kid and is currently (for the next 6 months if congress doesn’t act) is staying in the only country she has ever known under President Obama’s DACA Program. She was verbally abused and threatened by a classmate (as stated above) named Taylor Ragg online for little more than her race and where she was born.

Now, I only state the young man’s name because his name has ALREADY been released by the press.

This website will NEVER condone vigilantism OR vendettas.

Ignorance does NOT deserve death or harm to person. PERIOD. One injustice does NOT deserve another.

Governor John Kasich, who I disagree with politically on a lot of issues, took the high road, showing immense class in offering Dreamers like Ms. Garcia asylum against the despicable policies in DC, which would never fly in my country.

Governor Kasich’s comments can be found here, courtesy of CBS News:


Paola’s desperate plea to stay in her REAL home country can be found here:

This entire mess is a disgrace to America and beneath the presidency of the United States. Many of these kids serve in the US Military, fighting bravely for America, or, as Paola is doing, working her ass off to make a better life for herself in the country she grew up in (which inexplicably seems to not want her), paying taxes like everyone else.

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The argument that Dreamers like Paola don’t pay taxes is a falsehood.

We’ll keep tabs on Ms. Garcia and hope she gets to stay in her REAL home and school in America. This website wishes her NOTHING but the best and a hope for a bright future ahead of her. Keep it together, girl.