This DACA question is one of not just humanity and decency and compassion for human beings but also democracy. It was bad enough when former President Barack Obama forcibly deported and abused, with the assistance of racist sheriffs like Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona,  illegal AND non-illegal immigrants just because they had a darker skin colour, but now current President Donald Trump and his administration want to deport ACTUAL Americans – people who have lived in America for almost their entire lives – who have no connection to the country the US government plans to send them “back” to. It’s disgusting and inhumane.

A brave person (whose name escapes me now) once said, “An attack on one is an attack on all.” These “Dreamers” only know one country and are as American as anyone else living in the United States. The vast majority have either gone to college or served in the military. NOW who supports the troops, Mr. President. You clearly don’t.

Forget that this will devastate the US economy. The economic ramifications would be disastrous. But this is about a choice: Are you with white supremacists whose goals are well documented and heinous, or are you with regular Americans who are living their lives in peace and within the law. They didn’t CHOOSE to come to America. They were brought here forcibly as kids, and now the government wants to forcibly “return” them to a country they never knew, creating a generation of homeless people. Even George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan, two Republicans, would be aghast at such an idea. You can see and hear their comments in the video clip above from the 1980 GOP Primary Debate – when the Republican Party upheld the law and balanced it with a soul.

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But the real question regarding DACA is, does the law serve people or do people serve the law?

It’s not that hard a question to answer, for a human being. Is America a Democracy (or a Republic, as the far right terms it) or is it a fascist state? You can be a nation of laws and of people at the same time, but if that gets out of balance, the consequences can be disastrous. Even Republicans today are recognizing this reality, even if it’s for selfish and financial reasons.

There’s a reason President Obama humanely wrote the DACA Executive Order – the man, for all his many faults as a leader, had some measure of compassion for human beings: and he was in bed with global corporations who would take a hit financially if many of their Dreamer employees ended up being deported.

I don’t live in a country that screams “law and order” at the top of its lungs. I live in a nation made of people, human beings carrying out their daily lives, many trying to survive during difficult times. We don’t attack other countries that haven’t attacked us. We generally as a rule put people over profits. The laws serve US, not the other way around.

What the president is trying to do is racist and despicable, but not entirely surprising. The man and his administration stand for very little except for the profits of the very rich. His tax proposal is a gross example of that. There’s a difference between capitalism and corporate fascism, and the US government crossed that line a long time ago – now they want to expand it…but I’m off topic.

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If America wants to be a leader and the moral compass of the free world, she might want to try it at home. I know many will argue that these people should have come to America LEGALLY. But they didn’t make that choice. The choice was made for them, and a so-called “Christian nation” should start acting like it and follow the commands of Jesus Christ.

Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done unto me.

I believe it was Evangelist Don Gossett’s wife, Ruth, who famously said:

If God doesn’t punish America, he’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah


I rest my case.