According to CBC News, cannabis legalization advocates Marc and Jodie Emery were arrested at Toronto Airport and charged with, among other things, trafficking, possession and so called “conspiracy.” In the meantime, Toronto police have been raiding medical marijuana outlets and other Emery-related shops in the area, and even got Vancouver police in on the act, as they raided pot shops, including the Emerys’ “Cannabis Culture” on the Downtown Eastside of the city, confiscating not just cannabis itself, but also monies found on the premises.

In Canada’s past election, the Emerys has been ardent supporters of the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the basis of his promise to “legalize, control and regulate” cannabis.

No statements have yet been made by either the Prime Minister or the Emerys at this time in the aftermath of this event. Police have not yet stated the real motivation behind this sudden action. More to come.


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