Maybe I’ve been sipping on too much of that enviro-Kool Aide the last little while in the form of what used to be called research and investigative journalism, but if you mix cold water and hot water, it’s going to be neither refreshing nor a useful morning pick me up, right? Right. Just checking.

And I am not writing this missive in order to entirely dismiss a prime minister who has done some positive and courageous things in my book since taking office. Unfortunately, after such impressive efforts during climate meetings in Europe, the PM seems to have rejected common sense for the sake of a “balanced approach” which appears to be accomplishing very little at face value.

Aren’t you cancelling out any positive effects you may have achieved on the environment by drilling for oil elsewhere? Spills and massive emissions are little more than a foregone conclusion with such things as the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, so what’s the ultimate goal? To alleviate illogical guilt or combat climate change?

You can’t follow up a poutine with a salad and then tell yourself you’re eating healthy today because they cancel each other out. If we’re going to go in the direction of pipelines, the least we can do is save the money being spent to combat climate change. People in this country are starving and homeless, issues that can be much more easily tackled. At least we wouldn’t be wasting our time and limited financial resources pretending to care about a problem when we clearly don’t. Let’s at least be honest with ourselves.

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The first step to solving any problem is recognizing there is one. The second step is to figure out how to not make the same mistake again. Seek help. Our government is an addict systemically. These oil companies are just enablers. Time for some full on detox – or just keep on freebasing that oil.