I know what you’re thinking. It’s not about the kid. It’s about Melania Trump and the cost for her to stay with her 11 year old son, Barron, at Trump Tower, presumably to provide stability for the kid both socially and academically, which, whatever you thoughts are on the patriarchal Trump – I have many – is more than reasonable. As for the cost, I have yet to find a conclusive, reputable, detailed number on this at such an early juncture in the Trump presidency. But no matter how you slice it, choosing between the well-being of a kid, privileged or not and of others, is a false choice and Bullying 101.

Trillions are generated in taxes, and it is up to the federal government, in America, congress and the president, to decide how to distribute those taxes. There are many things your government and mine spends money on that we might find reprehensible. Forget The First Lady for a moment. She’s also a mother and she’s charged with the care of her son in the best way she knows how. You can judge her all you want, but to attack funding that will hopefully assist in turning Barron from a fragile 11 year old into a kind, compassionate gentleman who can function in society for the betterment of himself and of society as a whole is borderline Bullying 101.

What about Meals On Wheels and other essential programs cut by this administration? When you have a multi-trillion dollar budget, there are other places to cut than both Meals on Wheels and an 11 year old kid. Certainly, the Trumps can more than provide for the well-being and education of their kid on their own without batting an eye. But if that “saved” revenue could be spent on Meals On Wheels, it could also just as easily be spent (particularly with this DC band of cutthroats) on a failed raid that results in a widow grieving the needless loss of her military husband and on the cold blooded murder of an 8 year old girl, stabbed in the neck and left to bleed to death, the sister of a high school kid killed by the previous president in a drone strike.

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With this presidency, it is worthwhile to count possible blessings (however minor) as we criticize obvious crimes and misjudgments. To attack an innocent 11 year old boy and his future, however inadvertently, makes us no better than the people we are criticizing. We don’t choose our families. But when we’re 11, we do have to rely on them for many things. If we are to be better than those we oppose, we have to ensure that our criticisms don’t negatively effect the innocent.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments. I remove nothing. Your voice is as important as mine.