One of my favourites is a rotator which hails from Lighthouse Brewing Company in Victoria, BC, a beer that lives up to its name: Numbskull.

At 70 IBUs, it’s not the hoppiest beer I’ve ever tasted (that would probably be Parallel 49‘s 187 Over An Undercover Hop), but it’s by no means a sissy. Nor is it without balance. At least on my palate (which has faced the destruction of many a hopmonster), the hops here are muted just enough by the citrus and floral accents that come through on initial tasting to cause one to believe they’ll make it through a day of operating heavy machinery. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s definitely one of those beers I would recommend (at least with the 650ml bottles I regularly purchase) pacing yourself on with a few carbs, otherwise it’s going to be a lost afternoon. That’s the downside of some of these hopmonsters of the Imperial/Double IPA variety – they plan your weekends for you. If your balance isn’t great to start with, chances are you’ll end up wishing someone hooked you up with a bedside catheter bag. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, or mince words. Some beer reviewers focus solely on floral notes – I provide practical information. whether you asked for it or not.

Enjoy responsibly. Don’t be a Numbskull, because this has the potential to make you one.

At 9.1% ABV (alcohol by volume), even if you think you can hold your liquor, nobody needs a hero, folks. There’s a reason there’s a dead guy in skull and bones on the label collapsed over a treasure chest full of hops.

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As a Canadian, my knowledge of the availability of this winning brewsky in the US of A is limited. I recommend checking out the US Customs and Border Protection Website HERE with respect to this or contacting your local specialty liquor store. Outside of Portland, Oregon, British Columbia has some of the best craft brews on the planet.

Overall, I’m giving this baby a solid 8/10. I prefer a slightly hoppier flavour myself, but if you like something that is undoubtedly well-balanced. this is one to definitely check out. Here in BC lately I’ve had little trouble finding it. As with all my favourite brews, avoid chugging. A buzz is nice. A ruined afternoon is not a good thing.


Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon with another review.