Disclaimer: I am undoubtedly going to create some measure of controversy for this, in our era of occasionally warranted fake news paranoia, but I didn’t get into this business to reject the family motto. Come what will.

In the spirit of writing for truth, here are the two major REAL reasons the US wants to bomb Bashir Al-Assad’s Syria:

*I’m going to leave the issue of Saran gas use on the Syrian people alone for the moment, as it’s clear the mainstream media has come to their own conclusions, rightly or wrongly, on that matter.

It has become clear to me, at any rate, that if the issues below are dealt with appropriately, we can save a lot of lives and people’s health in the process.*


1. Assad Dumped the US Dollar in 2006

It's no secret (or it shouldn't be) that the US economy benefits 'bigly' (to quote the president) from being the world's reserve currency. As long as so many countries in this world legally trade in United States currency, the hysteria surrounding America's 'debt crisis' is largely overblown.Click To Tweet

When foreign governments decide it isn’t worth it to trade in American Dollars, the US economy takes a hit, particularly the very wealthy and well-connected.

The people who hold real power in this world suffer the most. They can use that power to make governments/the people pay.

For more information on this, the best source material I can think of is the well-known yet often dismissed final speech by outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower. There’s a very good reason veterans don’t become presidents anymore. Exhibit A.

Whaddya know? The Military Industrial Complex deals in US currency – who’da’ thunk, eh?

Please check out this excellent article on the importance of the Petro-Dollar (trading oil for US currency and visa versa) and the countries opting out from the Huffington Post here.

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President Assad, for better or worse, has openly stated that he wants to be remembered as having “saved” Syria, according to the on-balance reputable news source The Guardian

It should come as no surprise that among the nations showing their defiance for the Petrodollar are Syria, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Follow the Money.

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2. Oil Pipelines

If you haven’t seen the map below, you should check it out.

Proposed Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline

For anyone questioning why Assad? Why Syria? Why Iraq? Why Iran? – You need only to look at this map. Any country that opposes/doesn’t benefit from a pipeline through Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran becomes Public Enemy Number 1, concludes our friends at the Guardian.


What Can We Do About It?

Arm yourself with the truth. Do your own honest investigation. Don’t take it from The Thornycroft Diatribe or any other news source as refutable or not. As long as the truth doesn’t matter and there is ambiguity in the air on these issues, we’ll never solve any serious problems.

It’s not about “being right.” It’s about finding whatever truth can be found and following George Carlin’s Golden Rule: Question Everything.

It’s not about blame. It’s about making a difference. Maybe then we can actually save some innocent lives.


As always, your comments and thoughts are invaluable to us here at The Thornycroft Diatribe. We will try to respond as we are able. We believe in an open, frank, and respectful dialogue here.


Fortis Quo si Vinci – Do Right and Fear Nothing.