As big corporations in British Columbia provide large donations to British Columbia’s ruling Liberals, BC NDP leader John Horgan has gone decidedly Bernie Sanders on the issue leading up to the 2017 BC Election.

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The former bladder cancer survivor and Leader of the Official Opposition announced back on January 19 to little media fanfare that, to coincide with a bill tabled in the BC Legislature by Horgan, a major plank of the BC New Democratic Party Platform would include getting big money (both corporate and union) out of politics.

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The BC Liberal Party’s ties to big business and Big Oil are widely known and longstanding, yet getting Big Union money out of politics seems at least a slight departure for the traditionally union-backed New Democrats, who were projected to win the last provincial election in British Columbia, but behaved more like controlled opposition, ultimately losing in stunning fashion as Premier Christy Clark took her first majority government as leader of the ironically named Liberals.

Last night’s leadership debate, at least on the surface, seemed to do few favours for Mr. Horgan, but time will tell what the ultimate impact will be.


Up to date polling for the BC Election can be found here, courtesy of CBC News.