JFK. Over the years, conspiracies have been ingrained into the fabrics of every society, ours not an exception. This is often seen in several cases where the government and similar constituted authorities get soused in unlawful activities that are inimical to the welfare of citizens and the society alike.

One of such schemes is seen in the controversial death of the thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK). This unfortunate assassination that took place in Dallas, Texas on a Friday, 22nd November 1963 at 12: 30 pm has a lot more to it than meets the eyes. JFK was reportedly shot and killed as he traveled with his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy in a motorcade around Dealey Plaza. Security agents spread out their drag net and it caught Lee Harvey Oswald, an Ex-official with the US Marine. Oswald, reports said serially shot the President from   a sniper’s hole. Shockingly, Oswald got smeared to death by bullets from the gun of Jack Ruby who runs a nightclub in Dallas. This happened on 24th November, 1963 as the former was being moved to the county jail.

The Dallas Police Department, Warren Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Secret Service unanimously concluded after their investigations that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating the President. The jobless ex-mariner is a sworn anti-capitalist who had returned to the US after his two years sojourn in the Soviet. The CIA employed him to work at the Book Depository Building in Texas (the building from where the President was shot) and most importantly, for the role he played in the assassination of the President. He is the perfect fall guy as his links with the communist community will prompt all blame going to the Communists. And so continued the tale…

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This near perfect plot would have ended the entire saga. However, these investigations did not take into consideration that Americans are not dullards and are bound to ask lots of questions. Such throbbing questions left unanswered are:

Why will Oswald want to kill the President in the first instance?

What does he stand to benefit from the death of the President?

Who employed the killer of Oswald and why?

An attempt to answer the questions reveals the obvious fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was in the conspiracy to kill John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he never was alone! There is a hand, and of course hands unseen that compelled Oswald or someone else to pull the trigger.

JFK’s first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy recorded tapes where she unflinchingly stated that Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Texas tycoons who inadvertently are his cabal, orchestrated the murder of her husband by Lee Harvey Oswald. The Soviet Union believed same too, as they purportedly have documents to buttress this claim. Most importantly, there is yet no reason to doubt this, rather reasons to believe it abound.

During the administration of JFK, he was known and respected for his zero tolerance for nonsense. He had scores with the CIA, Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Mafia inclusive. He, JFK was at the verge of calling back troops from Vietnam following the Bay of the Pigs debacle. He also crashed the Mafia. However, the CIA has little or no will power to pull any stunt. LBJ on the other hand had more problems at hand which include allegations of his involvement in the 1957 bribery and extortion racket. This and a lot more as pointed by reports heightened the possibility of his being dropped from the re-election campaign. The only way to solve his problems and of course ease his pains is to become President, and the only way he can kiss the Presidential seat is to eliminate the incumbent, and that exactly is what he did.

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Having known also about the strained relationship between JFK and the CIA, LBJ used the opportunity well by involving the CIA and the Mafia. The benefit is in this order; Lyndon Baines Johnson will not be dropped from re-election, hence he will become President and will not be jailed for the 1957 bribery. To the benefit of CIA, LBJ as the President will overturn the call back of troops from Vietnam. The Mafia on the other hand will have ease of operations.

Subsequently, the trio conspired and organized for the shooting of JFK. The need for a patsy brought Lee Harvey Oswald into the picture. The plan was to have Charles Nicoletti a new member of Mob affiliate and James E. File, a CIA agent snipe at the President from a Sniper hole, while Oswald is on the second floor. Guess what! This worked perfectly.

Thus at exactly 12:30 PM, on 22nd November 1963, just at the President’s motorcade showed up, Nicoletti and Files shot sporadically at the President before fleeing.

A couple of days after the assassination of JFK, the Vice President ordered the reversal of the troop withdrawal policy from Vietnam, thereby paying the CIA for aiding in assassinating the President. To pay the Mafia, trials against Key Mafia lords like Giancana Sam were never carried out and government clamp down on organized crime decreased drastically to 80%.

LBJ also never allowed for standard autopsy procedure to be carried out by doctors as he ordered the dry cleaning of the President’s motorcade and ordered the conscription and destruction of autopsy cameras.

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Those were the acts of a guilty man!