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The Thornycroft Diatribe is brought to you by our inspirations:


  • The incomparable George Denis Carlin: The most fearless, talented, thought-provoking comedian, wordsmith and social critic of my lifetime, whose legacy I hope is spattered all over this website.
  • Education Activist Malala Yousafzai, without whom my belief in a supreme being would largely come unhinged and because of whom I have hope for the future.
  • Tommy C. Douglas, the Scotland-born Saskatchewan Baptist Minister, who became the most influential politician in Canadian history, as the founder of Canadian Medicare and without whom I would not be typing these words now.
  • All those people who, for better or worse, helped to make my life what it is today.
  • My staff who continue to inspire me and drive me to continue this journey of being a part of something that makes a difference and a product worthy of its viewers.

What We’re About

The Thornycroft Diatribe isn’t just our diatribe – it’s yours. YOU are the catalyst that makes this all possible. If there are stories you feel are being ignored, neglected or not given their just due, here is the place to let us know. If there is an injustice happening in your country, city or neighbourhood, this is the platform to have it voiced in the context it deserves.

NOTHING IS CENSORED ON THIS WEBSITE. I would encourage respect along with the candour, but sometimes people are just assholes preying on the “least of these” (thumbs up if you get the reference), and there are few ways to call them out other than using profanity. The writing staff here at the Thorny croft Diatribe will do our best to respond to your comments and concerns, because YOU are the reason we do what we do.

Obviously, no human beings are perfect, so if you feel you have legit beefs that aren’t being heard, send us an email and we’ll give you a voice as we are able. I have assembled a group of passionate contributors who are committed to giving you the truth as they see it in a context that you can relate to. Feel free to comment on their articles and they will respond as they are able.

Thank you for visit, and we hope you’ll return and participate in this process for a long time to come.


C. Thornycroft
Founder, Editor, Publisher and Chief Contributor
The Thornycroft Diatribe
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