As part of our ongoing coverage of the situation in Syria here at the Diatribe – and in contrast to my previous article on the real reasons for America to be eagerly involved – I give you 10 reasons for America – and all other countries – to stay out of Syria.

1. History Supports Non-Intervention.

How many human lives, innocents and troops, have to be lost to achieve “peace” in the world? And where’s the progress in that direction? The world is ever more fragmented and unstable as a direct result of these interventions.

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2. The President Broke American Law.

The rocket attack was clearly an act of war, and I know since World War II presidents have a hard time following this law. But the president is NOT allowed to engage in ANY military action without the consent of congress – unless there is an imminent threat to the homeland, which is clearly not the case here.

Nearly every other US president has broken this law, but President Donald Trump, particularly in his tweets and specifically with respect to Syria, claimed he would be different.

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3. Syria’s President Bashir Al-Assad Is Winning the War.

Getting involved at this stage in Syria will cost even more innocent lives.

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4. Assad has no motive.

See number 3.

5. We were already lied to about the gassing of innocents in Syria in 2013.

6. The UN hasn’t stated conclusively that Assad was behind these chemical attacks.

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7. Further military action would undoubtedly lead us toward World War III.

Remember, both sides of this conflict are nuclear powers and all it takes is one mistake or case of bad judgment and we’re all dead.

8. Is it really worth risking everything over a likely false flag operation?

Would we really put it past the CIA and other western intelligence agencies to set this up in order to foment another war that benefits no one but the Military Industrial Complex?

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9. A War with Russia Isn’t Winnable

There are only degrees of losing here. How many have to die for this farce?

10. We need an adult in the room.

Russian President Vladimir Putin might be our last hope. He wants trade, not war. But it may be out of his hands. Canada has typically been the voice of reason on these issues. However, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s support for this act of aggression doesn’t lead one to believe he’s carrying on in former Liberal PM Lester Pearson’s  footsteps.

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