Animal Rights: It’s Really About Respect

When it comes to animal rights, it's really all about respect. It really seems we are governed by extremists on some issues. Either you're an ardent animal rights activist or you simply don't give a damn. In the end, it's a matter of respect. That's what it feels...
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Donald Trump is the “Boyband President”

Donald Trump is the boyband president. In an acceptance speech for an award in 2001, I believe at an MTV Music Award Show, music artist Beyonce Knowles began by thanking God. Other artists at that award show and others around that period supposedly shared that...
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Aziz Ansari’s Case Undermines The #MeToo Movement

In the case of Comedian Aziz Ansari and others, when you make false or ridiculous sexual allegations against a person, you undermine the movement designed to protect people from physical and emotional harm. The #MeToo Movement was born out of legitimate sexual assault...
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Blame Baby Boomers, NOT Millennials For Society’s Problems

I’m getting really tired of hearing that Millennials are lazy and entitled and have everything handed to them. These Baby Boomers and Generation-Xers are becoming so self-righteous it’s stifling. I am not a millennial, for the record. Like George Carlin, I feel like...
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A Short Diatribe Manifesto

When you’re born into this country you’re given a ticket to the freak-show. In America, you get a front row seat. The immortal words of the late philosopher George D. Carlin. If I could sum up this website in one quote, that would be the one. What I am about to say...

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