The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) alt-right, racist bastards are back. Even in my neck of the woods. Now is the time to make it clear that, pardon my language, that shit is not acceptable – not here, not anywhere. 

This article may get me banned from Google just for mentioning these ass-clowns, but they need to be called out. In Virginia, a group of people with my skin tone (I’m ashamed to admit) rallied around a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee with lit torches. It’s all fun and games until someone gets lynched because of their skin colour.

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About an hour from where I call home, IN CANADA, people were handing out KKK-inspired flyers. Is this what this country is all about? It’s bad enough when it happens at a Donald Trump rally in the sadly aptly-named Lynchburg, Virginia.

Sadly, there is an area in the Vancouver, British Columbia area called the “Bible belt,” (though I never heard Jesus, a Jewish-Palestinian guy from Bethlehem, promote racism) and many people here hold very right wing beliefs that even they won’t talk intimately about. Have I heard the n-word used frequently in this part of the country? Sadly, yes.

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As a person with a visible disability, I know what it means to be discriminated against because of something I can’t help or control. Hate is disgusting and has no place in modern society. There is no excuse for it.

If there is one thing this website will do is that it will take a stand against such bigotry, racism and hatred. We make no apologies here for that at the Thornycroft Diatribe. To coin a phrase, NOT IN MY BACK YARD.

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