What Exactly Are Julian Assange and Wikileaks Doing?

Julian Assange has been one of my unsung heroes for a long time. They originally made mincemeat of former President George W. Bush over the Iraq War, among other fumbles. Julian Assange and his organization also went pulled no punches defending the hero Edward...
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The Evangelical Christian Right’s Love Affair With Donald Trump

Evangelical Christians make up about 20% of the United States population. 70% overall self-identify as "Christian." Current US President Donald Trump won 81% of the white Evangelical vote back in the November 2016 Presidential Election. That's 4 out of every 5. With...
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Cop FINALLY Goes to Jail for Murder of Walter Scott (Video)

The video above is graphic in nature and depicts the murder of Walter Scott by Police Officer Michael Slager. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. The police officer who killed the unarmed, fleeing Walter Scott has finally been sentenced. Police brutality against unarmed black...
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Protests in London Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision (LIVE FEED)

London Jerusalem Protest LIVE Feed This is what happens when you allow religious groups and a faction of your political base determine your foreign policy without any thought or foresight. People tend to get pissed off. Just saying. Way to go, Trump. The rest of the...
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The Truth About Austerity

Austerity, Income Equality and You What austerity measures meant (and still mean) for the average Canadian Austerity is the buzzword of the decade all around the world. From EU countries getting slapped with austerity measures to protect their status in the union, to...

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Faith Vs Religion

Having carefully contemplated the voracity of this article's inclusion in the Diatribe, the original intention was to merely hold the feet of Theocrats and fascists of all religions to the fire, primarily with the use of quotes (within their own context) from actual...

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A Hero Story

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero, you’re everything I would like to be, I can fly higher than an eagle because you’re the wing beneath my wings,” as the song echoed behind me I couldn’t believe how emotional I was becoming. It was Mother’s Day 2011 and all I...

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Stop and Think

I was reflecting today, as I looked around my apartment. I was thinking, I need to clean that, and I need to pay that bill and I need to buy groceries. Then I realized – I have an apartment to clean. I have money to pay bills. I have food in my fridge. I think a lot...

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4 Signs Of Depression You Can’t Ignore

Men and their mental health has been a common thread in the media over the last few weeks. With the increase in the number of men and women being killed at the hands of law enforcement officers and other senseless crimes there is no surprise that so many black men are...

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Things That are Important to Me

When presented with the assignment “Write 500-750 words on something important to YOU” my brain did what brains do best and presented me with radio silence. Absolutely zero ideas came forth. The ones that did dare to make their presence known made me nervous; how do I...

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