What Exactly Are Julian Assange and Wikileaks Doing?

Julian Assange has been one of my unsung heroes for a long time. They originally made mincemeat of former President George W. Bush over the Iraq War, among other fumbles. Julian Assange and his organization also went pulled no punches defending the hero Edward...
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The Evangelical Christian Right’s Love Affair With Donald Trump

Evangelical Christians make up about 20% of the United States population. 70% overall self-identify as "Christian." Current US President Donald Trump won 81% of the white Evangelical vote back in the November 2016 Presidential Election. That's 4 out of every 5. With...
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Cop FINALLY Goes to Jail for Murder of Walter Scott (Video)

The video above is graphic in nature and depicts the murder of Walter Scott by Police Officer Michael Slager. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. The police officer who killed the unarmed, fleeing Walter Scott has finally been sentenced. Police brutality against unarmed black...
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Protests in London Against Trump’s Jerusalem Decision (LIVE FEED)

London Jerusalem Protest LIVE Feed This is what happens when you allow religious groups and a faction of your political base determine your foreign policy without any thought or foresight. People tend to get pissed off. Just saying. Way to go, Trump. The rest of the...
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I wanted to write about gratitude today. There are so many times in life where we take things for granted.  Especially relationships with those around us. Life is short. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. We are all blessed to have people in our lives that love and...

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Pay It Forward

As I have been keeping myself busy with stand up comedy, I found myself at another show last night. It turned into a very long (but fun) night. As I awoke this morning, I was extremely tired but made the decision to be positive and spread that amongst my friends. It...

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