Blame Canada: Trump Bullies Canada on Trade

Posted on April 21, 2017 By Chris Thornycroft

Proving the attention span of a starving canine at a southern barbecue, President Donald Trump has found himself a new and unlikely adversary – Canada. As prospective opposition leaders in the Great White North weigh in (for better or worse) on The Donald, Trump perhaps rightly and roundly attacked America’s policies with respect to its number 1 trading partner.

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But being that it’s America, a country whose government has been reluctant to say the least to take responsibility for anything during presumably the most favourable of presidencies, we get what we expect – a South Park-style attack on a northern neighbour with all the intelligence and bombast of Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys. 

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Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, by contrast, responded by planning a visit to DC to clear the air. More to come on this new development regarding Canada-US trade relations.


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