Journalist Jordan Chariton FIRED From TYT For Assault Allegations

Renowned journalist and reporter Jordan Chariton, who I have mentioned and praised in previous articles, has been terminated by the Young Turks news organization. In what is a mindblowing situation to me, as someone who has worked in mental health and appreciated...
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Heroes: The Re-Assassination of Dr. King

“I have a dream today..” I still remember the first time I ever heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s infamous I Have A Dream speech. I was about 7 years old and in the second grade. I still didn’t fully understand why my 2nd grade teacher thought it was so important that...
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Words and George Carlin: Don’t Want Your Head Cut Off? Stay In Oklahoma!

Whenever I'm looking for a nugget of wisdom, I usually turn to the late, great philosopher of our time, George Carlin. George Denis Carlin. A man who understood the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and...
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My (Short) Rant on Race and Discrimination

Discrimination. I'm white, but I try to empathize with the black and Latino experience in human terms. Would I want to be treated that way because of the colour of my skin? I'm disabled, so I understand in some ways discrimination because of who I am and based on...
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